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Peripheral Electronics is the hands-down leader when it comes to OEM integration technology. We offer cutting edge solutions for portable media integration. Our goal is to provide you with the OEM solutions and know-how you must have to offer your customers the technologies and solutions they need. Recipient of a 2008 CES Innovations Award, the PXAMG is the first interface ever to bring the iPod, HD Radio broadcasting, and many other portable media products into the vehicle.

iPod Adapter (Mercury Mariner and Ford Escape Hybrids 2008-2012) $189
iPod Adapter
This adapter directly connects your iPod to your radio allowing you to browse your music, by artist, album, genre, and playlist from the radio controls. This direct connection eliminates the need for noisy FM modulated solutions, and also keeps the iPods internal battery charged. Experience HD Radio and hear FM in CD quality, and AM at FM quality! Non-navigation radios must have an "AUX" button on the face of the radio. The optional add-on for this product will allow you to charge your iPhone 3G, iPod Nano (4th Gen.), and iPod touch (2nd Gen.) as well.

Mercury Mariner IPOD Adapter Neo Car Audio