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Raising the bar with our premium collection of 2011-2017 Nissan Leaf Plug-In car parts and accessories

Are you ready to improve the appearance, versatility, comfort, performance and value of your Nissan Leaf? JuicedHybrid carries all the aftermarket parts and accessories you need to make this idea become a reality. Are you one of the taller drivers that finds the comfort and space inside your Nissan Leaf limited? If so, we have the perfect solution for you, Nissan Leaf seat extension brackets. These high quality and durable seat extension brackets are remarkable, they take your seat back approximately 4 inches and still allow forward and backward sliding motions of your seat. Find these great seat extension brackets and more in our collection of Nissan Leaf Electric interior accessories.
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Weathertech All Weather Floor Liners - Nissan Leaf (2013-2016) Body Side Molding - Nissan Leaf (2011-2017) Heat Shield by Canvasworks: Custom Windshield Visor - Nissan Leaf (2012-2015)
List Price $166.34
Sale Price 127.95
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List Price $168.35
Sale Price 129.50
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Painted Body Side Moldings for Nissan Leaf Nissan Leaf Sun Visor and Heat Shield by Canvas Works
Nissan Leaf WeatherTech All Weather Floor Liners are designed to protect your existing floors. Digitally designed, these floor liners stay in place and do not slip once installed. The Nissan Leaf liners have grooves that channel any unwanted debris or liquid away from your carpet. Moreover, the material has skid-resistant characteristics that safeguard your interior. WeatherTech has designed the best floor liners on the market, so select from colors available to enhance your interior today. The Nissan Leaf undoubtedly makes a bold statement out on the road. As an owner of Nissan Leaf, you probably don't want your doors to get banged up and accumulate nicks and scratches over time. Protect your Nissan Leaf with a set of door moldings, made of high-quality ABS plastic. This 4-set kit comes with pre-measured side moldings, custom painted to match your OEM paint exactly. Check your paint code for verification. Keep your car cool and protect your dash and upholstery with a Nissan Leaf sun shade window visor. Aside from using the heat shield for practical uses, HeatShield's Nissan Leaf sun visors make a great gift for a co-worker, friend, or family member! They're custom cut to specifically fit the Nissan Leaf perfectly and no other manufacturer comes close to Canvasworks's quality and pricing.
Shark Fin Antenna - Nissan Leaf (2012-2015) Hollywood Rack Commuter 2 Bike Rack (Fits any 1 1/4" or 2" Hitch) Seat Extension Brackets - Nissan Leaf (2011-2016)
List Price $116.35
Sale Price 89.50
You Save $26.85

List Price $163.79
Sale Price 125.99
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List Price $323.70
Sale Price 249.00
You Save $74.70

Nissan Leaf Shark Fin Antenna Hollywood Bike Rack and Bike Carrier Seat Extensions for  Nissan Leaf
Not really feeling the look of that pointy antenna on your Nissan Leaf? Give it the streamlined look it deserves with a Nissan Leaf Shark Fin Antenna! Don't put up with that long bug-like antenna that looks out of place. This shark fin will cover the entire antenna base with a 3M gasket. Installs with ease. To get the most economical two bike rack hitch, the commuter promises to be the most affordable and best bike carrier you can get that won't throw off your budget. It fits any trailer hitch with a 1 1/4 inch or 2 inch receiver hole, features a "no wobble" hitch pin to ensure there's absolutely no swaying involved, and it tilts out of the way to access the trunk. There's no disappointment here! The 2011-2015 Nissan Leaf seat extension brackets extend your driver and optional passenger seats back 4" inches to help deliver more comfort while driving. This product will eliminate the feeling of being cramped in your vehicle.
Curt Manufacturing Receiver Hitch/Trailer Hitch - Nissan Leaf (2012-2014) Car Cover - Nissan Leaf (2011-2015) 2011-2014 Nissan Leaf Neoprene Seat Covers (Front Set)
List Price $219.70
Sale Price 169.00
You Save $50.70

List Price $206.70
Sale Price 159.00
You Save $47.70
List Price $323.70
Sale Price 249.00
You Save $74.70
Curt Manufacturing Receiver Hitch for  Nissan Leaf Car Cover for  Nissan Leaf Nissan Leaf Seat Covers
If you're looking to extend your transporting or towing options, go with a trailer hitch made by trusted brand: Curt Manufacturing. Curt custom-fabricates their towing hitches to fit your Nissan Leaf Electric as best as possible. Likewise, enjoy the convenience of adding a bike rack, cargo carrier, or a variety of other cargo management accessory with your receiver hitch. This Nissan Leaf Car Cover is specifically designed to fit the 2011-2015 Nissan Leaf for both indoor and outdoor usage: it is extremely versatile under a wide range of temperatures and weather conditions. This Leaf car cover wraps your Nissan up in custom-fit superior quality woven polyester fabric. The fabric is coated with acrylic for excellent protection and durability. Our Nissan Leaf seat covers are hand crafted to the exact specification of your Nissan Leaf year and model. Seat covers make your Nissan Leaf interior look brand new. Protect your investment and preserve resale value. Our covers also guarantee an exact fit for your Nissan Leaf model. Protect and style the interior of your Leaf with these custom-fit neoprene seat covers! Front set only.
Two-Tone Leather Steering Wheel Cover - Nissan Leaf (2011-2015)
List Price $84.44
Sale Price 64.95
You Save $19.49
Two-Tone Steering Wheel Cover for Nissan Leaf
Throw on extra flavor: mix and match any two colors of your choosing onto your Nissan Leaf with a steering wheel cover. They're hand-crafted and constructed with real genuine leather, so you can expect quality that wins in every category: fitment, feel, and finish.

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