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Floor Mats

Protect your carpeting with our durableToyota Prius all-weather floor mats and 2010-2015Toyota Prius floor liners

Complement your Prius interior and help protect your original carpeting from dirt, mud, snow and slush with these all-weather floor mats and standard floor mats, custom-fit to your vehicle's interior. The mats feature a multi-dimensional design that channels liquids and debris away from the feet - along with a molded outer edge or perimeter "lip" to prevent moisture from reaching the vehicle�s carpeting or flooring.

WeatherTech All Weather Floor Liners - Toyota Prius (2012-2015) Toyota Prius Floor Liner - Husky Liners (Full Set) (2010-2015) All Weather Floor Liners By Weathertech - 2010-2011 Toyota Prius
List Price $166.34
Sale Price $127.95
You Save $38.39

List Price $181.94
Sale Price $139.95
You Save $41.99

List Price $166.34
Sale Price $127.95
You Save $38.39

Toyota Prius All Weather Floor Mat Liner - WeatherTech Toyota Prius Husky Floor Liners WeatherTech All Weather Floor Mat Liner for Toyota Prius
Take better care of your Prius: Don't miss out on a set of Prius All Weather Floor Mats by WeatherTech! These Prius Floor Liners are specifically made for your 2012-2015 Prius, providing you with the best interior car floor mat protection possible!
Our Prius All Weather Floor Liners by Husky Liners offer HUGE value at great prices. These Prius All Weather Floor Mats are proven products that have been rigorously tested to make sure you get the best car floor mats out there. Expect a perfect, customized fit for your Prius with this full set package. The 2010 & 2011 Prius Floor Mats by WeatherTech accurately and completely line the interior carpet. If you are looking for a Prius Car Mat that will provide great protection and fit, here they are!
WeatherTech All-Weather Floor Mats - Toyota Prius (2012-2015) All Weather Floor Liners OEM - Toyota Prius (2010-2015) Clear ExactMat Floor Mats for Prius (Front and Rear) (2012-2015)
List Price $90.94
Sale Price $72.50
You Save $18.44

List Price $154.70
Sale Price $119.00
You Save $35.70

List Price $116.35
Sale Price $89.50
You Save $26.85
Prius Floor Mats All Weather Floor Mat Liner for  Toyota Prius ExactMat Floor Mats for Toyota Prius
If Prius floor liners aren't your thing, a set of All-Weather Floor Mats are exceptional alternatives when it comes to carpet protection and retaining a lasting interior look. You'll find even more satisfaction as these car mats are specially designed to trap and divert particles and elements from whatever your shoes may bring in. Lets face it: you need to protect your original carpet mat on your 2012-2015 Prius and Prius Plug-in. Toyota's All Weather Floor Mats for the Prius have ribbed channels that pick up moisture, grease, dirt, and just about anything your shoes can possible bring in, ultimately to keep the mess away from your carpet. You'll also be doing your part for the environment because these mats are made up of 100% recyclable materials too.
Want to protect your Prius Interior carpet without completely hiding the look of the carpet itself? You're going to need a set of ExactMat's vinyl floor mats. Its clear vinyl will retain your OEM interior look without slipping or sliding across the floor. With its thickness at 80mm, you can live comfortably knowing your floor mats won't bend or deform over time.
Lloyd Mats Ultimat Carpet Floor Mats - Toyota Prius (2010-2015) Carpeted Floor Mats OEM - Toyota Prius (2010-2015)
List Price $116.94
Sale Price $89.95
You Save $26.99
List Price $198.77
Sale Price $152.90
You Save $45.87
Lloyd Mats Prius Carpet Floor Mats Carpeted Floor Mats for  Prius
Ultimat carpet floor mats are custom designed to fit your Prius. These protect your interior while adding warmth and comfort to your driving experience. The undersides feature special traction material, keeping your floor mats secure. Images are representative. Protect your original Prius interior carpet with another carpeted floor mat over it. These Prius floor mats come standard with an embroidered Prius logo to add extra appeal. Stay worry-free as these OEM Prius floor mats are skid resistant, with a retention clip to hold them firm against the floor. Mats are sold as a set of 4 (front and rear floor mats).

Beef up your ride with our rugged Toyota Prius Husky floor liners

Toughen up your Toyota Husky floor liners. Snow, mud and rain are no match. These floor mats shield your carpets from stains and wear. Put a stop to carpet stains with a set of Husky floor liners for Prius and protect your car and its value.

Pick out the custom Toyota Prius floor mats that best complement your ride

Our high quality Toyota Prius mats are designed to custom fit your Prius and come in several different designs to match your price range as well as your personal style. Choose the coverage that best suits your needs from clear vinyl that can protect your carpet without hiding your flooring to our rugged and durable rubber mats. Buy your new floor mats with JuicedHybrid and take advantage of our free shipping offered on most orders over $99.

Protect your investment with our Weathertech or Husky Toyota Prius floor liners

Arguably the most important aftermarket parts you can buy for your car � a set of high quality Toyota Prius floor liners. Reason being is that the carpeting of your interior will be one of the first aspects of your vehicle to suffer from wear and tear. At JuicedHybrid, we carry the most popular all-weather floor mats on the market. Browse our selection and view our products including the WeatherTech all-weather floor mats, Prius Husky floor liners and more. The all-weather mats mentioned above are a great option with a special design that tracks liquid, slush and debris away from your feet and into a special lip that prevents splashing onto the carpeting.

Don�t settle for generic, get true protection from these custom-fit Prius floor mats

Have you ever bought a set of generic, �universal� floor mats from an auto parts store? If so, then likely you can recall the awkward fit provided by the mats. Chances are they never stayed in place and they definitely failed to cover all aspects of your vehicle�s carpeting. Don�t make that mistake with your Prius. Check out these WeatherTech all-weather floor mats that have been customized to fit your Prius and cover the most possible carpeting. The Prius Husky floor liners are another great option for maximum coverage.

Get the look and feel of carpeting while still saving your carpet with our Toyota Prius carpet floor mats

If you love what carpeting provides for your interior, but still understand the need to protect the original carpeting � buy these quality Prius carpet floor mats. Find them right here, along with the other Toyota Prius floor liners at discounted prices.

Protect your cargo area with our selection of 2010 and 2011 Toyota Prius cargo liners

Don�t let your cargo area be destroyed by the hazardous chemicals, dirty tools and all the other potentially messy items you carry in the trunk of your car. Keep it protected with one of our Toyota Prius cargo liners. Custom fit to conform to the exact specifications of your cargo space, our selection of Toyota Prius cargo liner mats will keep the entire surface area of your carpet covered. Browse our extensive collection to find the cargo liner mat that best suits your needs, including the Hexomat cargo Liner, Canvasback cargo liner, Husky all-weather cargo liner and more.

Chose undeniable protection against spills with the innovative Hexomat cargo liner

When you take advantage of the maximum liquid holding protection provided by the innovative Hexomat cargo liner, rest assured even in the event of a spill, your carpeting is protected. The unique �honeycomb� design creates deep cracks and crevices that will hold the largest possible amount of liquid. Furthermore, the specially designed perimeter lip serves as additional protection against any splashing onto your carpeting.

Get organized with our Toyota Prius cargo net, cargo organizer and cargo tote options

Next time you clean out the trunk of your Prius, keep it clean longer when you put everything in its place with our unique storage and organization options. Purchase the cargo organizer you need along with your Toyota Prius cargo liner today and keep your cargo space clean and in top notch shape for years to come.