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From bike racks to window deflectors, we have all the 2012-2016 Prius C exterior accessories you want at prices you can afford

Keep your new Toyota Prius C in top notch shape by purchasing Toyota Prius C aftermarket car parts that were created specifically for your hybrid and designed to add sporty styling and protection. Safeguard your Prius from dings and scratches with our popular Prius C body side moldings and a rear bumper protector and keep it clean with a car cover. Haul your gear with our Toyota Prius C bike racks, receiver hitches or roof racks. Additionally, if you are looking to quickly and easily add a sporty enhancement, buy our Prius C chrome accessories.
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Bumper Protector (OEM) Toyota Prius C (2012-2017) Shark Fin Antenna - Toyota Prius C (2012-2016) Body Side Moldings - Toyota Prius C (2012-2016)
List Price $77.94
Sale Price $59.95
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List Price $122.85
Sale Price $94.50
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List Price $168.35
Sale Price $129.50
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Prius C Rear Bumper Protector by Toyota Toyota Prius c Shark Fin Antenna Prius c Side Body Moldings
Defend your Prius C exterior with this Bumper Guard by Toyota. Keep your Prius C free of scratches and nicks by easily installing this protector to your rear bumper. Unload and load items freely without risk of damage. A skid-resistant surface adds to the look while protecting the paint. Easily install this to your Prius C to add to your driving experience. If you don't like the look of your Prius c antenna, replace it with a Prius c Shark Fin antenna for a sportier look! These Prius c Shark Fins have built-in antennas and completely cover the stock antenna base. Match your OEM paint color exactly with our provided color codes, or go with a two-toned look! Our Prius c body side moldings are color-matched to your OEM paint, and they help protect your doors from scratches, paint chips, and door dents. It also adds a subtle hint of flair to your Prius c. All of our Prius c door moldings come standard with high-quality coated finish and are engineered specifically for the Prius c.
Rhino Rack Vortex Roof RS Rack System - Toyota Prius C (2012-2016) 2012-2014 Toyota Prius c Front End Mask - Colgan 2012-2016 Toyota Prius c Fog Light Kit (Toyota OEM)
List Price $414.70
Sale Price $386.10
You Save $28.60
List Price $207.94
Sale Price $159.95
You Save $47.99

List Price $284.70
Sale Price $219.00
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Prius c Roof Rack & Bike Rack Front End Mask for  Toyota Prius C Hybrid Toyota Prius C Fog Light Kit
Having a Prius c Roof rack system allows you to carrying larger items such as bicycles, surfboards, cargo boxes, and even kayaks and canoes. Whatever it might be, the trunk of your Prius c has its limited share of space. Having a roof rack is a smart choice to match your active lifestyle. If you want serious and proven front-end hood protection from the original manufacturer that started the industry itself, choose Colgan Custom. Colgan individually hand-sews each and every Prius c hood mask to ensure they deliver the best custom-fit Prius c car bra to your doorstep. Note: Image is representative. Emblem is not visible with actual mask. Note: The product image is representative and the actual hood mask does not have an emblem cut-out.
Get added security and safety by improving your visibility with fog lights. We've also got a great selection of replacement lights that will add some style as well as functionality to your Prius.
Curt Manufacturing Receiver Hitch - Toyota Prius C (2012-2015) Hollywood Racks Commuter 2 Two Bike Rack - Toyota Prius C (2012-2016) 2012-2016 Toyota Prius c Full Hood Mask and Hood Protector - LeBra
List Price $193.70
Sale Price $149.00
You Save $44.70

List Price $163.79
Sale Price $125.99
You Save $37.80
List Price $122.85
Sale Price $94.50
You Save $28.35
Prius c Prius Trailer Hitch Prius c Hollywood Bike Rack and Bike Carrier Full Hood Mask for  Toyota Prius C
Your Prius c can only carry so much on its back, so when it comes to transporting bike racks and other large items, a Prius c receiver hitch is more useful thank you might think! Whether you're looking to carry extra cargo, bikes, skis, or snowboards, it can all be done with a rear mount Prius c trailer hitch. For the most economical two bike rack, go with Hollywood Rack's Toyota Prius c "commuter rack." Not only will it be one of the most affordable Prius c bike racks you'll find out there, its quality construction will also have you wonder: why wouldn't anyone else go with Hollywood Racks? This Prius c bike carrier is compatible with both 1 1/4 and 2 inch receivers. Put on an outfit for your Prius c with a highly protective car bra hood mask. Made with leather-grain vinyl material, bugs and other road debris won't stand a chance against this LeBra hood protector.
2012-2016 Toyota Prius C Hood Deflector Bug Shield Hollywood Racks Trunk Mount Bike Rack 2 Bike - Toyota Prius C (2012-2016) Chrome Pillar Posts - Toyota Prius C (2012-2016)
List Price $206.70
Sale Price $159.00
You Save $47.70

List Price $292.49
Sale Price $224.99
You Save $67.50

List Price $84.44
Sale Price $64.95
You Save $19.49

Hood Protector for  Toyota Prius c Trunk Mount Bike Rack for Toyota Prius C Toyota Prius c Hybrid Chrome Door Trim Molding
If you ever wanted to steer clear from pesky bugs on the road that splash against your windshield, installing a bug shield hood protector will deflect those bugs up, over, and away from your Prius c. Not only will it stop bugs from hitting your windshield, it can also deflect small rock chips, dirt, and other debris on the road. Save yourself the hassle of unnecessary stains and scratches with a Prius c hood deflector. The C in “Prius C stands for City, but to some, it’s might as well also stand for compact. While it can get you around town quickly and into tight spots with ease, it’s also not all that roomy inside for a bicycle. Quickly attach your bikes at the back of your Prius c with the F2 trunk-mount bike rack by Hollywood Racks. If simplicity and sleekness is your style, Prius c chrome pillar posts adds serious flavor to your Hybrid. The look on your Prius c is just as important as its efficiency, so with a touch of stainless steel, your Prius c throws on a cleaner, more attractive feel and shine.
Weathertech In-Channel Side Window Deflectors (Full Set) - Toyota Prius C (2012-2016) Car Cover - Toyota Prius C (2012-2016) Door Edge Guards for 2012-2016 Toyota Prius C
List Price $153.34
Sale Price $117.95
You Save $35.39

List Price $206.70
Sale Price $159.00
You Save $47.70
List Price $141.70
Sale Price $109.00
You Save $32.70

Prius C In Channel Side Window Deflectors Car Cover for  Prius c Toyota Prius c Door Edge Guards
Get the fresh air you want without the wind noise or rain with these side window deflectors especially designed for your 2012-2015 Prius C. This product comes in a set of 4 side window deflectors.
You're parking your Prius c for extended periods and you don't want it to get dirty while you're away. Cover up your Prius c with a quality car cover made out of 150 Denier woven polyester fabric, coated with aluminized polyurethane acrylic. It's gentle on your paint, easy to store away, and can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications. Toyota Prius C vertical door edge guards protect your exterior from nicks and paint scratches. Door edge guards are color-matched with Genuine Toyota OEM paint.

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Protect and personalize the outside of your Prius C with body side moldings, decals, bike carriers and more

The Prius C is a very cool and special hybrid that screams for exterior accessories. You can spruce it up or protect it with one of our in stock items. Take a look below for the top brands that ship for free.

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