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Prius C Snow Shade (Snow Shield) for 2012 - 2013

Don't scrape snow of ice off of your windshield ever again. Fitted perfectly for the 2012 and 2013 Prius, you can expect this to cover every inch of your Prius’s windshield. Saves you time in the morning. Stay inside longer before leaving your home in the morning. The snow shade will save you from the elements.This custom snow shield is clear coated to ensure no liquid is absorbed. Easy installation and removal.

Snow Shade Windshield Cover - Toyota Prius C (2012-2015)
List Price: $52.50
Our Price: $42.50
You Save $10.00
Toyota Prius C Front Windshield Snow Shield
Make things easier for yourself during the snowy seasons with a Prius C Snow Shade. As this snow cover is custom fitted and wraps around every inch and every corner of your Prius c's front windshield, scraping off snow and ice will be a thing of the past. To add even more value, Intro-Tech's Lifetime Warranty guarantees this is a quality product.