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Prius Performance Parts That Improve the Performance of your Prius

Improve the performance of your Prius, Prius C and Prius V with our performance parts, including:
  • Air filters for improved gas mileage
  • Improved cold air intake system for maximum efficiency and performance
  • Exhaust systems that increase horsepower while keeping a low decibel
  • Suspension upgrades for improved handling and ride quality
Prius Performance - NEW
Prius Performance
Prius V Performance
Prius C Performance
Prius Performance

Improve the Performance of your Prius, Prius C and Prius V

Improve acceleration, gas mileage and performance with these high performance parts for your Prius.
  • Improve gas mileage with high performance air filters and cold air intake replacement filters.
  • Maximize performance with improved cold air intake system.
  • Increase horsepower with an optimized exhaust system.
  • Improve handling and ride quality with suspension upgrades, including strut tower brace and strut bar, center chassis brace, front chassis brace, rear sway bar and more.