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Protect the integrity of your vehicle while backing up with the 2010-2016 Toyota Prius reverse camera

Imagine you are backing up in a crowded parking lot. You look both ways and behind you, everything seems clear, so you go for it. Then suddenly you feel a powerful impact. It turns out that a vehicle was creeping up behind you, and you did not see them so you backed right into them. This embarrassing and devastating scenario could have been avoided with assistance from this Toyota Prius reverse camera.

Reverse Backup Camera System OEM Integration - Toyota Prius (2010-2015)
List Price $351.00
Sale Price 270.00
You Save $81.00
Prius Backup Camera with Guidelines and Grid Lines
Ever had a hard time backing out your Prius without having clear visibility of what's behind you? Chances are, you probably have. There are huge blind spots at the back of the Prius, making it extremely difficult to see oncoming pedestrians and traffic. To solve this problem that all Prius owners share, install a backup camera. Note: Profession Installation Recommended .

Outsmart your obstructing blind spots when your vehicle is equipped with this Toyota Prius rear view camera

Create a safer experience while driving in reverse with the assistance provided by this Toyota Prius Hybrid backup camera. Even the safest drivers can never fully see where they are backing up without a full view provided by a Prius backup camera. Versatile and accessible to all Prius owners, this Prius backup camera aftermarket accessory is compatible with or without navigation. Featuring plug and play wire setup, we do recommend professional installation for this product.

Designed to last – our Toyota Prius rear view camera is quality constructed with advanced features

Keeping you safe for both day and night time driving, this Prius Hybrid reverse camera features built-in infrared that allows you clear visibility even in the dark. Furthermore, this accessory is waterproof and durable and sure to last for many years to come. Purchase the quality Hybrid car parts you need today, including this Toyota Prius backup camera, aftermarket parts and other Prius accessories.