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  Toyota Prius Seat Extension Brackets (2010-2011 Prius)
Seat Extensions for 2010-2011 Toyota Prius
Seat Extensions for 2010-2011 Toyota Prius

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The 2010-2011 Toyota Prius seat extension brackets extend your driver and optional passenger seats back 4" inches to help deliver more comfort while driving. This product will eliminate the feeling of being cramped in your vehicle.
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Prius Seat Bracket Installation Guide

The Toyota Prius seat extender brackets were engineered and manufactured for the taller commuter. The brackets are manufactured out of thick 10 gauge steel that is rated up to 36,000 PSI. Made in the California. There is no welding, cutting or hard labor involved. The installation takes less than 20 minutes on average and is so easy you can do it yourself. Every EMS brackets comes with a lifetime guarantee. We have no doubt you will love your seat extension brackets as well as your car all over again.

Are you cramped in your car?

Do you wish your seat would just go back another few inches?

If you answered YES! you need to buy now and enjoy driving at last!

Being tall and driving usually don't mix well together. Extend my seat is here for the regular commuter. We got tired of waiting for someone to make seat extenders so we could extend our drivers seat and enjoy driving.

If you ask yourself "How do I extend my drivers seat?" then we are here for you!

If you are reading this, you are probably over 5'11 and are just a bit too cramped in your vehicle. Now with a simple installation using only a 9/16 wrench and 30 minutes, you can love to drive your commuter again! No welding, No drilling, No Joke!

The new extender brackets made for the Toyota Prius, GEN3 (2010-2011) enables the drivers seat to extend up to 4 inches farther back. The car seat still works sliding back and forth and is bolted back to the car using the same factory bolts.


Will my Seat still Slide forward and backward?

Yes, extend my seat enables your seat to act normal in sliding back and forth

I have a Prius GEN3 (2010-2011) Do you make brackets for my vehicle?
If you have a GENERATION 3 Prius, we can extend your seat , driver seat or passengers seat without any welding, grinding, cutting just 30 minutes and a socket wrench.

Is it safe?
Extend My Seat brackets are made out of solid 10 gauge stainless steel. The brackets are laser cut from one piece of solid stainless steel. The brackets are strong enough to pull over 10,000 pounds. Please read the instructional guide and tighten all bolts down to a tight position before driving.

Will I be able to reach the steering wheel still?
Like most tall people you have learned to sit with the seat angled back in a low-rider position. Once you slide the seat back and angle the seat more upright you will reach the steering wheel.

How long and hard is the installation process?
Like most people today; we are not as handy as our ancestors; so extend my seat was made with ease of installation in mind. All you need to install the extenders is a socket wrench, a 9/16 socket and 30 minutes. There is no grinding, drilling, cutting, etc. Once you unscrew all 4 of the factory bolts and unplug the 3 seat sensors, install the brackets using the 4 screws provided, screw back the 4 factory bolts and plug back the seat sensors. You are done. No mess, no Fuss. You will love you car again, I guarantee it!

Why would I want to extend my seats?
If you are over 5'10 and have ever owned a car, you know how miserable it is to drive any farther than 20 minutes. Your legs are cramped, you knees are pushed up to the dashboard and you are not happy. Extending your seat makes driving more ergonomic and enjoyable. If you are in question; lay your seat all the way down, get into a comfortable position and see how much farther your body wants to sit in the car. I guarantee you want to be at least 2-4 inches farther back!

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What a difference October 16, 2012
Reviewer: Kevin Parris from Brackney, PA United States  
Everything from Juiced Hybrid has been excellent fit and quality.   Those 4 inches made a world of difference in the seat position and leg room.. thank!!

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To much leg room? Is that possible? October 9, 2012
Reviewer: Sean from Tampa, FL  
I just purchased and added these brackets to my 10 Prius. I am 6'5 with long legs so this is the first time I have ever said I have more room than I actually need. I do not have to set the seat at the end of the track to be comfortable. Great product it took about 20 mins to install.

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Must have for the tall August 6, 2012
Reviewer: Ben from Sacramento, CA United States  
They can be pricy, and having a machine shop mod your existing seat is an alternative. But this brackets are quick to install and can do what a mod cant...This product will lower you some and take you back a couple of inches.

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Ahhh, what a relief! March 1, 2012
Reviewer: Mark Snelgrove from Los Angeles, CA United States  
If the position of your drivers seat is determined by the "thunk" of it striking the end of the rails, you need these brackets. The majority of all Japanese cars limit the extent to which their seats move rearwards in order to preserve a requisite amount of comfort for those sitting in the back. Well, 99% of the time, i have no passengers. As a 6'-3" tall male, i love these brackets! They were easy to install, and give me all the room I could ever ask for. Thank you!!

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2011 Prius Seat Extension Brackets June 22, 2011
Reviewer: Anonymous Person from Great Falls, MT United States  
These  brackets are the  greatest.  If you are lacking leg  room....these are the fix.
They  completely transformed the Prius driving  experience.

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