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Prius Strut Tower Brace Bar (2004-2009) Toyota Prius Auxiliary Battery - OPTIMA Prius Battery (Direct Fit Replacement) Toyota Prius Voltage Stabilizer by NRG Innovations - Save More Fuel
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List Price $271.70
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Prius Strut Tower Brace Toyota Prius Car Battery Replacement, Prius Battery Increase Fuel Efficiency
Prius Tower Bar-Shock Tower Reinforcement! This Tanabe Prius Strut Tower Bar will instantly improve stability and handling of your Prius. The strut tower brace creates balance and help prevent the shocks from independently moving by reducing the amount of flex the chassis experiences.
It's about that time to to replace your Prius auxiliary battery. For the first time, Juiced Hybrid is now offering our all Prius owners, from models ranging from 2004 to 2011, a high-performance AGM Prius Replacement battery that's like no other Prius battery available today. Optima batteries are lightweight, environmentally friendly, and built to last--almost double the lifespan of any other lead-acid battery in today's market. Improve torque and acceleration, and increase gas mileage (MPG) in your Prius while reducing hybrid emissions. NRG Innovations' Voltage Stabilizer allows you to stabilize and have more control over the electronic power of your hybrid. This improves the overall performance and responsiveness of the engines electrical components.
K & N Performance Air Filter (Prius 2004-2009) 1.5 L Kiwi Juiced Hybrid's Chassis Stiffener Kit (2004 -2009 Toyota Prius)
List Price $64.94
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List Price $399.00
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List Price $141.70
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Prius Air Filter Kiwi Gas Saver Improve Prius Ride Quality
K & N Air Filters increase air flow which translates into better fuel economy and performance. This is the same filter used in the Indy race Series. This K&N air filter is designed to achieve high, virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to ensure long engine life.
Save hundreds of dollars per year and improve your hybrid mpg as the Kiwi teaches you to drive more efficiently. The Kiwi plugs right into your existing on board diagnostic port (OBDII) near your steering column and takes just seconds to install. Unlike other gas mileage devices, Kiwi works like a game to increase your gas mileage. Your ultimate goal is to obtain the highest Kiwi Score.
Improve the overall ride quality and handling of your Prius with the chassis stiffener. Our chassis stiffener provides a rigid framework under Prius to eliminate chassis flex, ensuring correct suspension geometry at all time. It bolts directly to the sub frame to further stiffen the uni-body. In Green.

Prius Engine Block Heater (2004-2016) Prius Spark Plug P-Series Platinum Electrode from Pulse (2004-2009 Prius) (Set of 4) BLITZ Suspension Lowering System (Prius 2004-2009)
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List Price $453.70
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Toyota Prius Hybrid Engine Block Heater #NAME? Suspension Lowering Kit for Prius
Start your Prius easily and save fuel and battery power during startups, no matter how cold it gets. This custom-designed engine block heater for the Toyota Prius has 400 watts of heating power. Warm your Prius up quicker and reduce engine strain and wear. Toyota (OEM) The Prius Spark Plugs from Pulse improve your MPG and fuel economy with a new and improved set of Pulse Spark Plugs! These eco-friendly Pulse Plugs will allow your vehicle to run cleaner and more efficiently, and also reduce your vehicle's CO2 output by a quarter ton annually! Road and lab tested, the Pulse Spark Plugs are a sure way to improve your Prius' overall performance and efficiency. Set of 4 Plugs This hard-to-find product by BLITZ lowers your Prius's suspension and improves handling and gas mileage. The system lowers your car's center of gravity by about an inch in front and back, giving it better handling and braking without compromising driver safety. The high-quality springs create a stiffer frame, leading to less flex and inertia when turning.
Tanabe DF210 Lowering Springs - Toyota Prius (2004-2009) Tanabe NF210 Lowering Springs - Toyota Prius (2004-2009)
List Price $299.00
Sale Price $230.00
You Save $69.00
List Price $299.00
Sale Price $230.00
You Save $69.00
Toyota Prius Lowering Springs Toyota Prius Lowering Springs
If you are looking for the lowest drop for your Toyota Prius, these lowering springs will do the trick! These particular springs will decrease the wheel gap while maintaining great ride characteristics. The features will allow it to increase spring rate for increased handling potential. This is a great product for those who are looking into lowering their car to improve better handling and maintaining comfort.
Finding the right lowering springs that will still maintain that factory-like ride can be difficult. These lowering springs keep the same ride as well as improve the handling of the car with a slightly increased spring rate and lowered center of gravity. These springs are used to give you a subtle drop on your Toyota Prius without sacrificing ride quality.

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